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Now accepting PA Department of Human Services medical assistance for Washington, Greene, and Beaver County residents. 

2018 Annual Report                               CARF 79614 Accreditation Letter

Echo Treatment Center is committed to providing quality care in an environment that promotes dignity, compassion, and empathy for all patients.  Our clients are those who are addicted to opiates and are experiencing a time in their lives in which they are seeking help for the bondage of active addiction.  We are committed to providing quality care to all patients.  We are aware that this transition is medically, physically, emotionally and spiritually complex. We are prepared and committed to offer assistance, support, education, guidance, and resources to each individual patient.  Echo Treatment Center recognizes addiction as a disease and is committed to treating our patients in a respectful, caring, and professional manner in a clinical setting.  Echo Treatment Center is also dedicated to reducing the criminality associated with continued illicit opiate addiction and making our communities a safer place to live.  

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